More Development Coming to Corner of Ardrey Kell and Providence Road?

  • Gina Lorenzo
  • 12/3/14

From the Charlotte Observer

The Charlotte Golf Links site at the corner of Ardrey Kell and Providence Roads near I-485 may soon be developed into a mixed-use project that would include homes, office buildings, retail space, and even a school.

Lincoln Harris, a local development firm, filed plans to rezone the 188-acre Golf Links property last week.

The news comes as construction for Waverly, a mixed-used development across the road from the site, has commenced. According to the Charlotte Observer, "Together, the two projects would add hundreds of houses, apartments and more than a million square feet of office, restaurant and retail space to [the area]."

Traffic is the major concern of residents. Traffic studies and public meetings are underway. The article sites that "an analysis by the city before approving the Waverly rezoning showed that its development alone would generate 19,400 new daily vehicle trips for the area."

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